AT&T U-verse Coupon Code and Deals

If you have been shopping around for different kind of cable and Internet deals, chances are you have discovered there are only a few different service providers in your area. One of the largest providers in the entire country is AT&T, so if you are shopping around for a new service provider, this might be your best bet. Of course, there are ways to save money when you sign up for service with the company. There are different package deals and it is even possible to input a coupon code into the checkout process. This way, you can save even more money during the sign up, which in turn helps you save money with AT&T and the service you receive from them.

AT&T has the AT&T U-verse Double Play with U300 TV + Internet Max Plus plus a $50 reward card for only $89 per month!

AT&T has the AT&T U-verse Triple Play with U-family TV + Voice 200 + Internet Elite plus a $50 reward card for only $89 per month with a 1 yr contract!

AT&T has the AT&T U-verse Triple Play with U-family TV + Voice 200 + Internet Pro plus a $300 reward card.

AT&T has the AT&T U-verse Double Play with U-family TV + Internet Elite plus a $200 reward card.

Customers who order Max Plus with U-basic TV and HBO included for $39 per month for 12 mos. with term, also get a year of Amazon Prime!

AT&T has the AT&T U-family TV + DVR plus a $50 reward card for $29 per month for 6 months!

See all of the AT&T U-verse special offers, with reward cards up to $300.

See all of the AT&T High Speed special offers, with reward cards up to $100.

Before you start anything, you need to make sure that you are in a service area. When you navigate over to the U-verse website and select the option to choose different service packages, the company is going ask you where you are located, including your street address and zip code. If you are covered, than the website is going to allow you to continue. If your address is not covered, than you are forced to look at a different service provider. AT&T usually recommends DirecTV if this is the case, as it has a service agreement with the satellite provider where it offers you the Internet connection while DirecTV gives you television. Regardless though, if you are in the U-verse service section, you don’t have to worry about any of this and can continue.

While you are able to select one particular service or the other, you receive discounted prices if you select a bundle deal. The bundle consists of Internet, television and a phone service. Of course, if you don’t need one of these options than you can choose to “Create Your Own” bundle. Once you are at this section, you are now able to select the different kinds of programming features you want. For the television and Internet service packages, you can select different variations, in order to obtain the content you want. The Internet is just going to range in connection speed. The website is going to show you the particular speed you need in order to obtain the service you desire, such as if you want to stream movies and television shows over the Internet, or if you want to play online video games as well. As for the television programming, there are many different service packages available. You can choose different tier packages, which gives you more programs. You can also opt into HD television, instead of standard definition, which comes standard. You also have the ability to tack on bonus packages, which include premium movie stations (such as HBO and Showtime), and you can also choose different sports packages, where you receive all of the sports from different areas in the world. There are even international programming packages, if you want stations from around the world.

No matter what you want or the programming you desire, you are going to receive a discounted priced for a set period of time. Typically, you receive free premium movie stations for the first several months, and then you maintain the current pay package for nine months to a year. Once this period is over, you are required to pay the traditionally full price.

After you have selected the different deals you want, you must enter in your billing and service address. At this time, you can also enter in any sort of AT&T U-verse coupon code or discount package price you have. As long as the coupon code is still valid, it removes the price from your package and you can continue on. After finalizing the purchase information, you just need to now select an installation day and time frame. You are given the different days that have available time slots. Each slot is usually broken down into roughly three hours. Do note though, that with AT&T U-verse, it might require several hours for the service provider to install everything, depending on what kind of equipment and ports you already have present inside of your house. However, they will not know this until they show up at your home. With that being said, once you select and confirm your purchase and the time frame you want the service providers to come and install the equipment, you are good to go and will have all of your Internet, television and phone services installed inside the house, for you to use.

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